We’re Off to Central America!


Hi, friends. The past several months have been a whirlwind of transition and change, resulting in radio silence on this blog. I want to change that today by filling you in on some fun and exciting updates.

As I’m writing this, Johnny and I are sitting in the international terminal at the Atlanta airport waiting on a flight to Mexico. It feels like the first genuinely quiet moment that we’ve had in a while.

Seven months ago, we got married in the North Georgia mountains and hopped a plane to Guatemala for our honeymoon. Over coffee every morning, we would look out over the water at the picturesque mountains and twin volcano peaks surrounding Lake Atitlan, and ask ourselves how it was possible that a place so beautiful could actually exist.

We unplugged from technology, spent our days exploring, connected with locals, and started dreaming about all the possibilities for the future. We quickly realized we wanted more time on Lake Atitlan, and started feeling the itch to get out and see more of the world together.

We got back from the trip and kept those Guatemalan daydreams tucked away in the back of our minds as we jumped in to the business of being entrepreneurs. Johnny put in long days and a lot of hours harnessed into rooftops launching 3 Kings Holiday Lighting this past Christmas season, and the months of October through December went by in a complete blur of happy chaos as our business took off.

At the same time, we researched and prayed about the possibility of taking another trip – but this time, we were looking for more than a vacation. We pinned our hopes on a prolonged excursion where we could explore, take in other cultures more like locals than tourists, and settle into the rhythms of life in a different place.

Turns out, there are a lot of people exploring the world while making a living as digital nomads these days, and the internet is chock full of helpful resources.

We knew we wanted to keep working, so we lined up online teaching jobs that we can do from anywhere in the world (if you want to learn more about this, shoot me a message!) We found someone to sublet out our apartment in Atlanta, and before we knew it, dozens of other details fell into place.

So this week, after much consideration, discussion, prayer and a million little baby steps to get to this point, we begin our Central American journey. We’ll start by making our way down the Yucatan Peninsula along the eastern coast of Mexico, and head south to Belize, Guatemala, and eventually Costa Rica.

We’ll be teaching early mornings as we travel (hi, 4:30am wake-up calls), as well as writing and documenting our journey. I can’t wait to see how this trip will influence our perspectives and share more of that here with you. There are many other reasons I could share to explain the why’s of this trip: why this part of the world? why now? why this way? And I hope to write more about that in subsequent posts!

I have a sense that God has a lot in store for our trip and will meet us every step of the way.

We’ll be back this summer, in time to enjoy visits with our family and prep for the launch of the next Christmas season.

We would love for you to follow along on our adventure! Find us on Instagram as @walkerswithoutborders  or check out the blog we’ll be working on together: www.walkerswithoutborders.com


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