Welcome to my world, pull up a chair. 

I’m married to a man named Johnny Walker, and we are big fans of people, Thai food, exploring new places, and living life a little outside the box. In 2016, we got engaged, married and took the obvious next step by starting a Christmas lighting business. In 2017, we quit our full time jobs to travel and build our business.

I love to talk about all things relationships: dating, singleness, marriage, and all the weird “we’re just talking” phases in between. If you like to talk about relationships too, we will get along just fine.

I completed an M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and have since worked as a counselor and communications director in the non-profit sector. Currently, I’m the Content Editor for the Curriculm Division of Docent Research Group.

Some places I’ve written:



Listen here for an interview I did with Pursuit NYC on dating, singleness, and faith:


Connect with me on social media! These days, you can find me on Instagram @Walkerswithoutborders.

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